BEBI is a Hungarian loungewear label based in Budapest, founded by

Established in 2021 by Dorottya Juhász and Anna Borbála Horváth, BEBI is born from our joint love for comfy loungewear and funky home accessories.

Dorottya, armed with a degree in graphic and packaging design, brings her artistic touch to our signature BEBI prints and graphic elements.
On the other side, Borbála, with a background in fashion design and management, works alongside Dorottya to create uniquely comfy silhouettes.

Together, we've turned our childhood connection into a journey of crafting unique loungewear pieces and home accessories.

While Dorottya adds the creative flair, Borbála takes the lead in brand management and marketing, making sure BEBI is not just a label but a vibrant world.

Come join us as we redefine loungewear with BEBI.