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BEBI x SEBESI Mug | White

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Local Pickup at WONDERLAB Budapest until the 22nd of DECEMBER.

Introducing our handmade ceramic mug inspired by our REVERIE Collection, a true labor of love in collaboration with SEBESI Ceramics. Crafted in Hungary with affection, each mug features hand-carved details on colored clay, making every sip a moment of artistic delight.

Our ceramics were fired on 1250 °C for durability and are free from harmful chemicals. Each mug is a one-of-a-kind piece, featuring subtle differences.

• Made in Hungary with LOVE
• Material: Colored clay, hand-carved for a personal touch
• Holds 3.5 dl of your favorite brew

Microwave and dishwasher friendly for your convenience



We're excited to introduce our newest collaboration with SEBESI Ceramics, a fusion of our REVERIE Collection and the touch of István Sebesi's contemporary ceramics. István, a talented Hungarian ceramic artist, brings a personal flair to his craft, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with a modern sensibility. Immerse yourself in the stories told by three mug designs, each intricately carved with inspiration from our signature prints. Each piece in this mini-collection undergoes a two-week process, from the initial design stage to the final touch in manufacturing. Hand-picked materials and István's artisanal touch, involving hand pottery wheeling and the use of a clay lathe to intricately carve the print onto the mug's surface, add a unique charm to every creation.

Join us as we invite you to experience the essence of "new craft," where fine-dining culture meets the soul of traditional techniques, all infused with a touch of personal style. 

This collaboration is more than just a collection; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, passion, and the art of making each piece uniquely yours.