The concept behind our new collection was inspired by daydreaming - the process when we free up our mind and let our inner thoughts create a whole story on their own. The print itself tells a story, which can be interpreted in endless ways depending on your association. Just like daydreaming, it has no beginning or end. You can pick up the threads whenever you want to. Take a closer look to find the hidden details of the print. 

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Meet our new, very special mini-collection in collaboration with Budapest based artist Kamilla Hornyai - KATMA Studio. In this collaboration Kamilla hand tufted 7 wall hangings, inspired by our BLOOM Collection, interpreted in her personal style. KATMA Studio is about not taking anything too seriously, focusing on the beauty in sillyness as well as intuitive ideas. It's also an experimentation of Kamilla, who consumes a lot of art, but has never allowed herself to create, up until 2021. Her work is serving as an inspiration for the like-minded as well. She hopes that her art will encourage everyone to CREATE.

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Our mission is to create comfy, responsibly made clothes with unique prints. Each one of our collections is built around one design concept and technique, reflecting on what currently interests and inspires us.

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