Inspired by spring, the awakening of nature and our inner self we designed two vibrant prints for this collection. We created a strong contrast between organic and geometric shapes by using a chessboard pattern to make the prints more dynamic. The colours of our new collection were inspired by the beauty and simplicity of primary colours and our childhood memories of hot summer days in the Hungarian countryside.

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Meet our new mini-collection in collaboration with Budapest based pattern designer & illustrator Enikő Katalin Eged - Azzurro Velluto. Enikő created two beautiful vibrant prints for our new designs: „Ant Party” and „Cherry Garden”. The collection’s main element is the BEBI x AZZURRO VELLUTO Kimono, wich is completed by our BEBI x AZZURRO VELLUTO Scarves and Scrunchie. Enikő loves illustrative narratives with driving dynamics and a strong atmosphere. The key element in her work is familiarity - somehow connecting or reconnecting a common recognition of small details and memories.

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Our mission is to create comfy, responsibly made clothes with unique prints. Each one of our collections is built around one design concept and technique, reflecting on what currently interests and inspires us.

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